Halong overnight cruises hold first tactical officer exchange

The first exchange for tactical-level officers between the Halong overnight cruises and the Royal Thai Armed Forces has been held in Bangkok, aiming to boost mutual understanding between the two armies in the context of building the ASEAN Community in 2015.

During the exchange, a delegation of 10 Vietnamese officers led by major General Le Trung Hai visited the Directorate of Joint Operations and Peacekeeping Centre of the Halong cruises, and the Royal Thai Air Force Museum.

The Vietnamese guests also visited the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy (CRMA), Cadet Corps, HTMS Chakri Naruebet aircraft carrier, a biological preservation centre of the Halong overnight cruises, and some famous Thai cultural destinations, and enjoyed local artistic performances.

Bilateral defence relations have been developing strongly, especially since the two countries signed the defence cooperation agreement. The two sides have accelerated exchanges of high-ranking visits, typically Thai Army and Naval Commander’s visit to Halong overnight cruises, Senior Lieutenant General Do Ba Ty’s visit to Thailand.

The two sides effectively conducted joint sea patrol with the aim of fostering mutual understanding and trust and ensuring security and safety at sea and good environment for the operation of their fishermen.

Thailand presented Knight Grand Cross (First Class) - Halong luxury cruises, Senior Lieutenant General Do Ba Ty, acknowledging their contribution to strengthening defence cooperation and friendship relations between the two countries.

As scheduled, the two sides’ second exchange for tactical-level officers will be hosted by Vietnam early next year.

Halong overnight cruises asks for sweeping fight against corruption

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has called for a Halong overnight cruises fight against corruption, with a focus on revising socio-economic management regulations and increasing cooperation among agencies concerned.

Chairing the sixth session of the Steering Committee on Anti-Corruption in Hanoi on December 29, the Party chief requested dealing with negative behaviours in the Party ranks, including graft and corruption, as part of efforts to successfully hold the Halong cruises tour at all levels across the country next year.

He asked the committee to brainstorm ways combating instances of petty graft in ministries and localities and improve the sense of responsibility among its members.

Casting back the 2014 anti-corruption fight, the leader lauded the committee for its setting-up of four inspection teams in eight provinces, and seven others in ministries and agencies, which have so far produced positive results.

The investigation and trials of corruption cases have become less time-consuming while the educational campaign about anti-corruption has come a long way, resulting in the less numbers of cases and defendants, he said.

Next year, the committee will push for the educational campaign in line with the Halong overnight cruises building adopted by the fourth plenum of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure) and the Politburo’s directive on spreading a drive to study and follow moral examples of President Ho Chi Minh.

Apart from fine-tuning socio-economic regulations to fight corruption, it will also put the Politburo’s directive on strengthening the Halong overnight cruises on asset declaration and discovery of corruption cases, even in inspection and prosecution stages.

Cases of public concern will face the full brunt of law, especially those under the watch of the committee and the Halong overnight cruises for Internal Affairs.

In accordance with a Politburo’s scheme, the committee will also raise the role of elective units, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, socio-political organisations, the media and the public in the fight against corruption.

Ha Long Bay Management Board - 19 years to look back

After being recognized as a World Natural Heritage First, implement the recommendations of the World Heritage Council, as well as based on the actual situation of a region of vast natural landscapes, there are many values potential to be "sensitive" about the landscape, the environment, the place where the economic activity - social diversity, involving many industries, various local, dated 9-12-1995, PPC has decided to establish Ha Long Bay luxury cruises, the function is specialized agencies to help manage PPC state of conservation, exploitation and promote the heritage value of Ha Long Bay.

Remember the early days with only 12 permanent staff in three subordinate units, far more than 300 CBVCLD Board work in 14 units, operating in many different fields. Along with the development of the quantity and improving the qualifications for CBVCLD to meet mission requirements mining heritage management has always been particularly interested. Board advised the PPC promptly issued several documents to enhance the management, conservation and promotion of heritage value; and conduct effective research, planning management mechanisms and policies, mining heritage in the future. Ban also enlisted the help of international organizations (such as UNESCO, IUCN, FFI, JICA, USAID ...); thereby creating cooperation, exchange of experience, investment in physical, technical and service expertise to the management, conservation and promotion of heritage value. Most recently, May 6-2014, with funding from the Agency for Development (USAID), the project "Initiative coalition Bay" was launched with the aim of ensuring sustainable Halong Bay luxury cruises and effective management of natural resources, establish an alliance between government, business and community implementation of commitments and actions to protect the global premier value of Halong Bay .

Along with that, the Management Board of Ha Long Bay has coordinated, linked with universities, research institutes, scientists and abroad, deploying dozens of research projects and gradually clarified the price value of Ha Long Bay as: geology geomorphology, biodiversity, culture and history ... not only that, the heritage values are regularly monitored, evaluated the impact, change of environment, climate and the influence of economic activity - social. Business investment, renovation, restoration and conservation projects in service and promote the value of Halong Bay are often interested. PPC Board has proposed to deploy dozens of important projects of direct investment in Ha Long Bay as remodeling, renovation Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot cave, Ti's Top beaches; upgrade port terminals, facilities, equipment and techniques in the sights ... These projects are significant breakthrough decision for the promotion of the values, increase the attractiveness of Heritage meet two goals: improve both conservation and heritage value. And one can not forget the face again to the propaganda and education community has always been very focused boards. With the introduction of educational programs on heritage protection in area schools and organizations signed commitment to heritage protection for the fishermen on Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay; developing a network of collaborators heritage protection; implementing eco boat Ecoboat etc. the sense of responsibility of the people to preserve heritage protection has improved remarkably. In addition, the Committee also worked closely with industry, local coordination related to maintaining security and order and ensure the safety of visitors and preserve the value of Ha Long Bay. There have been hundreds of violations detected in the Gulf and handling. The phenomenon of breaking rocks, tree felling, mining, trading corals etc. In the area of basic management agencies have been prevented. Environmental protection work is done in sync with solutions such as building a policy mechanism, strengthen advocacy, community education, examination and handling of violations, implementation of the project, subject research, application solutions, advanced technology etc., in particular, one of the project has brought practical results for the environmental protection of Ha Long Bay is the basis of JICA project phase 1 and 2 to investors, adding resources using biological materials, advocacy and education to attract the community to protect the environment.

In the past years, Ha Long Bay luxury cruises has welcomed millions of visitors Bay, especially the senior delegation of the Party, State and international delegations, such as ASEM 5, Conference APPF 13, ASEAN cultural week, Conference clubs the world's most beautiful bay ... Just from 1996 to June 11-2014 has over 29 million visitors, of which 14.7 million passengers Vietnam, 14.6 million foreign tourists to visit Halong Bay, entrance fees collected nearly 1,500 billion ...

Specifically, in 2014, the Management Board chaired Bay, advise the province successfully organized 20 events in Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The activities are organized scale, the most attractive and distinctive, create a good impression with the participants, the people and tourists, marks an important turning point in the management, protection conserve and promote the heritage - particularly the United Halong Bay ...

We can say, this is an important mark, opens a new way and at the same time stamp confirming the remarkable success in the management, conservation and promotion of heritage value of Ha Long Bay Quang Ninh province, which has an indispensable role of HaLong Bay luxury cruises 19 years.

Careful conservation protects Ha Long Bay’s timeless beauty

The authorities and people of the northern province of Quang Ninh have spared no efforts in protecting Ha Long Bay and its valuable biological and geographical assets since being recognised as a World Heritage site two decades ago.

On December 17, 1994, UNESCO designated the bay a World Heritage site of globally outstanding value in terms of natural landscape. The recognition was extended in 2000, and in 2011 Ha Long Bay outranked 261 other landscapes from all over the world and was voted one of the seven new natural wonders of the world.

The recognition acknowledges the bay’s exceptional rock cave and limestone mountain system which took millions of years to form, as well as its outstanding biodiversity.

Scientists identified more than 500 species of high-level plants in the bay, which spans 1,553km2 and includes 1,969 islands of various sizes. Half of the plants have medicinal properties and could potentially be used as medicine. Experts also observed 66 species of amphibians and reptiles, 77 species of bird and 22 species of mammals.

Over 570 species of seabed creatures, around 180 coral species, over 150 species of fish, nearly 150 species of seaweed and sea grass, and 19 species of aquatic plants were identified in the bay and neighbouring Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba Bay.

The preservation of the rich ecosystem is considered urgent since the rapid socio-economic development of modern life has left behind the first signs of damage.

Therefore, environmentally harmful activities have been prohibited, including the shipping of used coal, cement, woodchips and rocks. In addition, mining, sorting and transporting coal in the core area of the bay is no longer allowed.

Hundreds of households that lived on the bay have been resettled to onshore locations, while age-old fishing villages were rearranged to ensure no ugly scars are left behind.

To ensure the bay’s ecosystem is healthy, coastal water is regularly tested, while rubbish floating on the bay is gathered for onshore treatment.

The application of cutting-edge science and technology, like the global positioning technology GPS, the wimax system, and geographical information systems are widely used. Equipment is used to filter oil discharged by ships operating on the bay with a view to keeping the ecosystem healthy.

In August 2014, the provincial People’s Committee approved plans on Ha Long Bay’s environment with a vision towards 2030.

It laid a special emphasis on the protection of the environment and the application of environmental standards certified by Vietnam and developed countries.

By 2020, Ha Long Bay and Ha Long City aim to take the lead in environmental protection and green growth efforts.

By 2030, they both strive to become an ASEAN-standard green growth centre, with Ha Long Bay becoming a leader in sustainable natural resources and environmental management.

The province has cooperated with local and international nature conservation agencies, research institutes, universities, and scientists to research and enhance the bay’s values in terms of biodiversity, culture, history, geography and geomorphology.

Since becoming the world heritage site, Ha Long Bay has welcomed nearly 25 million visitors, contributing to turning Quang Ninh province into a tourism magnet.

According to Pham Thuy Duong, Head of the Ha Long Bay Management Board, tourism aims to generate resources for conservation.

Nature has bestowed priceless values upon Ha Long Bay, and with appropriate conservation efforts the bay can live up to UNESCO’s recognition, Duong said.

Source: VNA

Vietnam is 1 of 4 destinations in 2015

According to online travel sites Destinia.com, Dubai will become the most attractive tourist destinations in the world by 2015. In addition, a number of developing countries such as Namibia, Burma and Vietnam also promises memorable destination.

S-shaped country to impress tourists for its spectacular natural scenery, culture long tradition and rich cuisine and you can not miss a experience Halong overnight cruises

According to the introduction of the article, Vietnam has become one of the tourist highlights. Especially next year, Vietnam will promote further activities aimed at the National Tourism Year 2015. This is an important event for foreign visitors understand more about the value of material culture, intangible can, scenic country and expand cooperation in the field of tourism.

Ha Long Bay - beautiful places

Are you passionate about exploring, you want to go many places to explore many areas of the world, add to the list of tourist destinations of your 2015 locations suggests that global Grasshopper including Halong Bay and Son Doong cave of Vietnam.

Experience an exciting journey on a Halong luxury cruises is an exciting journey that any visitor wishes to experience while in Vietnam. Traveler will be immersed in the atmosphere of a great time on the cruise, between majestic bay, magical. See the stunning island was created by the talented hands of nature. Discover the unique life of the villagers bottle. Experience the unique cuisine of Ha Long Bay. And also a lot of fun awaits you in the journey.

Located 165 km from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, HaLong Bay is an area comprising 1,600 islands and islets. The majority of these land masses have not been touched by humans and have managed to retain their beauty since their creation. It is this that enabled it to be listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is interesting to note that in the past, Ha Long Bay has been a theater of war and many naval battles were fought there.

The Christmas food of countries around the world

Noel is one of the important holidays for many countries. In addition to turkey, ginger biscuits familiar, and explore the Christmas party in the world.

  • Experience Christmas on Halong cruises
  • Simple and peaceful life of a fishing village in Ha Long
  • Halong overnight cruises

  • Japan 

    Christmas Day is usually associated with the West. But now the holidays have come into the land of culture the viscera. In Japan, although the Christians only about 2%, but Christmas has become a holiday sense, is an opportunity for people to express feelings to each other. They are renovating your home, decorating the tree and eat dinner together special. The most typical dishes of Japanese people named "Christmas cake". This is a cake made of sponge cake, strawberries and whipped cream. We can say, cake is indispensable to manage the land of cherry blossom season of Christmas.

    French feast lasted from Christmas to New Year. One of the dishes are indispensable in this day Coquilles Saint-Jacques is. Scallop dishes, herbs and butter, is leave the shells. Also some familiar dishes such as baked turkey, rolls with cheese, foie gras toast.

    Christmas party in Austria is the hard bit housewife. Main dishes are usually baked pork leg meat. In addition, the Austrian still prefer to eat a wide variety of cakes like chocolate cake Sacher torte, freshwater Stollen bread with dried fruit, cardamom, cinnamon and rum.

    Cuisine Canada's cultural mix of English and French. On Christmas Eve, people will use the eggnog glass of wine made from fresh cream, milk and butter tarts.

    Mexican cuisine is rich with spicy characteristics. During the Christmas party always appear from beetroot salad, bananas and peanuts. In addition there are dishes pozole table - meat stewed with glutinous corn and chili spices. Some desserts familiar ATOLE, selling government cinnamon pancake flour, sugar, hot pudding.

    Due to the geographic location of the Southern Hemisphere, countries Australia Christmas falls on the occasion of the hottest summer in years. Therefore, the people here have a habit of eating more food cold salad together. Australians love to eat BBQ barbecue with lamb, beef and seafood. In addition, there are dishes Pavlova dessert with whipped egg whites and crispy, served with strawberries.

    With Norway, lack of food ham is no Christmas festival. Food deprivation communications become the country's oldest Nordic region, is derived from the ancient Roman times when wild boar meat only appears on holidays.

    Christmas was banned throughout Russia 1917 to 1992 officially be held back. But the Russians did not decorate the Christmas tree in this day but they Evergreen trees. Christmas party in Russia often have many dishes vary by region but traditionally do 12 items symbolizing the 12 apostles of Jesus. In particular, kutya dessert made from wheat, honey, raisins can not set the party.

    Experience Christmas on Halong cruises

    With a mysterious space, dim, beautiful scenery, then a HaLong cruise tour  in Christmas Day was a great experience for traveler who want to search for a new location resort in the Christmas holiday

    Guests choosing to come to Ha Long in the winter because mysterious beauty, fades in the mist of the beautiful bay. Arrivals for the winter Halong shouldnt be less noisy, you can enjoy the quiet beauty of halong bay.

    Christmas on the halong luxury cruise outside sparkling lights, fun music, you are experiencing moments of winter romantic, sweet. In the breath of the cool sea breeze, khi cold through the layers of wool coat, feeling as breaking to know that christmas was on the street. Between the cold winter night, Jubilant atmosphere of the Christmas season as glamorous guests and of the south by the dress warm, Vibrant colors of the big hotel decorated tree, lights, Santa Claus, reindeer happy union effect snow fun and unique.

    Be silent and listen to the sounds of the ocean to find yourself adventures in the realm of shade. It is the nature harmony between humans and the during the New Year approaching peace greeting, the beautiful moments imprinted in every human heart. So then, forwarded the communication to the public, the emotional gush of Ha Long winter nights sẽ linger forever, like wait and pick của feet back.

    Simple and peaceful life of a fishing village in Ha Long

    An interesting experience on the Halong bay would not be complete if you do not understand the lives of the people here.

    The Halong bay overnight cruises tour will give you the experience as the night in the cabin of a luxury cruises, visiting the famous caves, kayaking, visit fishing villages.

    Some images Halong fishing village:

    Peaceful morning at Cam Pha fish market

     The Fish Market of Ben Do in Cam Pha town in Quang Ninh Province is a peaceful scene where tourists can discover the rhythm of the local people.

    A new day at the fishing port of Ben Do usually comes at 1.30 am. Fishermen go out to sea when the town lights up and return at midnight to start the fish market at 1.30am.

    Local fishermen catch fish near the shore to serve the daily needs of local consumers.

    The most popular products are shrimp, crab, fish, and squid.

    This fish market is known for its fresh products, with reasonable prices.

    The market usually closes at about 8 – 9am.

    Fresh squid’s skin does not change color for camouflage alone.

    Buyers and sellers among the boisterous sounds of trading.

    It is not difficult to catch sight of blue shirted miners in the space market.

    When women are busy at the market, their men relax.

    When the market become quiet, it’s time for children of the floating market to row to school.

    Vietnam cited among top 20 Best Places To Live Overseas

    Vietnam has been included in the list of “top 20 Best Places To Live Overseas”, according to Business Insider, a US online newspaper based in New York City.

    “Vietnam really shines in disposable income, ranking second. Everything costs less, from transport to entertainment, and great public transportation makes domestic travel easy”, the magazine reports.

    Business Insider also noted that food is a major plus in Vietnam. 87% of expats say they enjoy the food compared with 72% globally.

    The country ranks sixth in diet and third in local food. Vietnam ranks fourth in social life and first in making friends, said the newspaper.

    Other ideal places include Switzerland, Singapore, China, Germany, Bahrain, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, and Belgium

    Ha Long bay - Resources and advantages of Quang Ninh province

    Choose Halong overnight cruises to discover beauty of halong bay. The World Heritage Committee recognized Ha Long bay as a world natural heritage with outstanding value in terms of its aesthetic appeal, under the standard of the International Convention on Natural Heritage Protection and Culture of the world at the 18th meeting in Phuket, Thailand on December 17, 1994.

    In addition, Ha Long bay is one of the residential cradles of ancient Vietnamese people with three successive cultures of Soi Nhu-Cai Beo-Ha Long.

    In particular, the fishing community in the fishing villages of the bay, still preserve the unique traditions and cultural features imbued with the identities of people of Ha Long territorial waters.

    As many as 20 years has past since the locations recognition (1994-2014), Ha Long bay has been managed, protected and exploited effectively, is an invaluable resources of Vietnam in general and Quang Ninh province in particular.

    Located in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh, Ha Long bay is part of the Gulf of Tonkin, 165km from Hanoi capital.

    With an area of 434 square kilometers, the Bay has around 775 islands. Most of the islands are uninhabited nor visited by anyone. The limestone towers create a spectacularly beautiful natural landscape, which can be said to be an exquisite example of grown karst in hot and humid tropical climate.

    The outstanding scenic beauty is enhanced by its natural ecosystems, which extend to beneath towers into the ocean.

    The heritage still retains its natural features and has not been degraded though people have been present amongst them for almost as long as they have been there, now more then ever

    The ecosystems, past and present, can be seen in the caves and lagoons around the bay and should be considered as the outstanding value of the ecosystems of Ha Long Bay.

    Currently, the surrounding inland area of the bay has become a quickly growing urban area with a rapidly expanding tourist industry and related services. Quang Ninh province can currently boast a profitable coal industry, however coal is a finite resource, while the bay has unlimited resources.

    To turn Quang Ninh province into a model center for international trade in the northern key economic zone, Ha long bay has to be considered one of the main resources, sustainable and most attractive feature of the province.

    Shortly after becoming a World Natural Heritage, Ha Long bay has been identified as an invaluable resource, which must be protected firmly and in the long-term but at the same time it must be exploited appropriately to provide excellent value for both residents and visitors. This is the reason why management and conservation activities always connect to promote values of the heritage and vice versa.

    The problem of environmental protection of such a heritage has been always been treated as a top priority by Quang Ninh province with efforts to improve and ensure the environment of Ha Long bay.

    Over the past year, management, preservation and promotion of value of the Bay have achieved certain results, contributing to development of the tourism sector and the number of tourists to Quang Ninh province is increasing. The revenue from tourism has significantly contributed to the socio-economic development of the province. The local people’s life is increasingly improved.

    The province also researches, plans and directs the management and promotion of the heritage some way into the future. The Prime Minister approved the current 2020 plan in 2002 and the project on building Ha Long Ecological Museum was approved by the Government in 2002, including the project on Cua Van floating cultural center.

    To serve promotion and introduction of the heritage, the Ha Long bay Management Department has established a website about Ha Long Bay; a column about the heritage has been set up in the newspaper and television of the province since 1999; 40 publications on the Bay; and large advertising billboards have been placed at critical intersections. Photos of Ha Long bay are also widely promoted worldwide through famous international channels.

    In addition, the education of the younger generation and the community has been paid more attention, for example, the Heritage Protection Education Program has been taught in schools since the 2000-2001 school year, implementation of project on Ha Long eco boat, construction of guide document set about ecological environment protection education of Ha Long bay; organization for fishermen to commit on heritage protection as well as developing a network of collaborators to protect the heritage.

    These activities have had practical effects, contributing to raising awareness of people's responsibility to protect the heritage.

    Source: cpv
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